Alokino Gelato

About Us

Here at Alokino Gelato, we believe that living in harmony with nature should be fun, easy and tasty. We celebrate mother earth and we're in business to help people live a more sustainable life.

At Alokino we utilize the power of nature to create great products

Our plant-based recipes are created from scratch, using only raw or low processed ingredients, without any preservatives, artificial dyes or highly processed ingredients in any phase of processing, as the ancient Italian tradition teaches us. At the core of what we do, there’s an innovative balancing method, that is much simpler and intuitive than others but requires a deep understanding of the properties of every ingredient, beside an artisanal craftmanship.

Our choice changes the way of making gelato, allowing us to create a high-quality product beneficial for our costumers and less harmful for our planet, with no compromise on taste and texture.

We just started our journey to contribute to a plant-based future and we truly hope you’ll join us and enjoy the ride.

Alokino Gelato Team